Impacts Of Cutting Another $7m From Western’s Operating Budget

The Governor has proposed a cut of $7M to Western’s base budget and for the biennium we are currently in. There are a number of serious provisions that would reduce Western’s budget for this year and next or affect employment and aid available to Western students. This alert focuses just on the base budget cut.

This cut comes, of course, on the top of major cuts already made (net of tuition increases). No other state in the nation has slashed four-year institutional higher education funding like Washington already has over this biennium and the last.

So, what does the proposed additional cut mean? One way to see the picture is to explore the various options available.

Please check out a few in order to see the extent of the challenges.


No actual plans have been made to do any of the preceding. The consequences are so dire that we must stay mobilized to see that your Western and its commitments to you and to Washington are sustained.

The Governor has also proposed a revenue measure. Were it to be approved, it is our current understanding that the latest $7M cut to Western would not be necessary.

The ball is now in the legislature’s court. The picture for Western and its ability to serve Washington could get better. It could get worse. Even a lot worse.

What can you do? Western Advocates offers options.